CAKES - ways to make any cake more moist, rich, and like a professional chef baked it

  • add 1 or 2 more eggs

  • use melted butter (instead of oil) and double the amount

  • use milk (instead of water)

  • add 2 tablespoons of vanilla

EGGS - baking without eggs

  • applesauce: use 1/4 cup in place of 1 egg in most baking recipes

  • banana: use 1/4 cup mashed banana in place of 1 egg (gives a banana taste)

  • flax seeds: mix 1 tbsp flax seeds & 3 tbsp of water (let sit until absorbed) in place of 1 egg

  • vegetable oil: use 1/4 cup oil in place of 1 egg (only works to replace 1 egg)


  • overmixing is good - it creates a better texture, with a better rise and nicer chew

  • let batters and doughs rest - covered for about 30 minutes, this gives the flours and starches time to absorb the liquids, batters will thicken and doughs will become more firm and less sticky

  • longer bake times are helpful - if using extra liquids this helps reduce the moisture in the baked good, making the baked good less doughy

  • use a cooling rack - removing your baked goods to a cooling rack allows the steam to escape and greatly reduces how gummy they will become

  • you can use all-purpose gluten free flours - this is often times not recommended, but for most baking purposes you can use an all-purpose gluten free flour with great results

  • add in ingredients to help things stick - gluten is what makes things stick together, if your box mix or all-purpose flour doesn't have something added in, you should add it in, ideas: zanthan gum, guar gum, a mix of chia, psyllium and flax


  • when you get home from the market, rinse your fruits and veggies and cut, slice or dice them up for meals for the week (remember once washed and cut they will not last as long, so plan ahead)

  • meal planning is an easy way to know what's for dinner and having the right ingredients and even using left overs in future meals