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Updated: Feb 3

If following blogs are not your thing or if you are looking for more information on diet and nutrition you can find more on social media:

Facebook support group: Living Gluten Free A community to help discover more about living a gluten free lifestyle successfully. Member participating brings helpful tips, recommendations, recipes, and more.

Facebook informational page about living gluten free

Focused on living a gluten free lifestyle successfully. Posts with information about following a gluten free diet, recipes, information focused on celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Facebook informational page about diet and nutrition

Health tips and resources. Information on how to heal the gut and more.

Instagram account for those living a gluten free way of life Learn more about living gluten free, plus find recipes, tips, & resources.

Instagram account for healthy lifestyle tips and advice Learn how to live a healthy life and feel better!

Twitter account for living gluten free

Sharing tweets all about gluten free living. Meal ideas, tips, resources, and more!

What can you expect in my blog posts? Information on diet, health, and nutrition. Following a good healthy lifestyle helps us feel better, lessen symptoms, possibly prevents us from some medical condi

When you start searching for a nutritionist you want to learn more about them and what they can bring to the table. How do you know you can trust someone you don't even know? Well, by getting to know