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Topics covered in these 36 slides,
30-minute presentation:

  • Specific details about 14 naturally gluten free flours 

    • their flavors

    • how to use them

    • health benefits

    • what they are best suited for

    • how to store them

  • 70 naturally gluten free baking ingredients

    • additional whole-grain flours​

    • additional grain-like flours

    • nut, seed, fruit, vegetable flours

  • Tips and tricks on baking gluten free successfully

  • Easy to make gluten free flour blends recipes

  • Suggestions and ways to convert recipes

  • Binding agent options and how to make them

  • Egg free substitutions: 12 different options and how to make them

  • Additionally, you will be given access to

    • a few recipes that use the flours discussed in the presentation

    • a gluten free flour nutrients chart; which includes calories, carbs, fiber, and protein content for 22 different flours

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