Nutrition plays an integral part in how we feel, how we heal, and how we enjoy life! Nutrition is an investment in your future. Start investing today!

What are some of the possible benefits of eating healthy?
improved gut health, heart health, better mood, improved memory, improved sleep, reduced risk for cancer, reduced inflammation, better skin,  better teeth, and much more!

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Chronic Illness and Nutrition

What can a certified nutritional advisor offer? Guidance on how to live better through an individualized lifestyle plan. What are some of the medical conditions and symptoms that benefit from better nutrition? 
Acid Reflux
Celiac Disease
Food Allergies
Food Intolerances
Iron Deficiency
Lyme Disease
Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
Sleep Deprivation
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
Vagus Nerve Healing
Vitamin Deficiencies
and more!
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Living a Gluten Free Lifestyle?

For some, eating gluten free is essential for better health and healing. Celiac disease is just one of several medical conditions that require and benefit from a gluten free lifestyle. As a mother to two celiac teens, I'm not only certified in gluten free living, I've been an advocate and supporting caregiver to those requiring a gluten free lifestyle for nearly two decades. 
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Suffering from Lyme disease and co-infections?

Part of feeling better is better nutrition. Eating well supports the immune system and reduces inflammation. Knowing which foods are safe and which ones to avoid can be overwhelming. I can help!
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Minus The Gluten
is a nutritional website focused on healing
chronic illness and living a gluten free lifestyle.

All recipes and foods listed are gluten free*. I provide consultations for those with chronic illnesses and for those wanting to feel better through diet and nutrition.
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*Always double-check labels